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Come home to yourself and your life purpose!




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Camille Courses combine navigational coaching techniques, practical exercises and simple (but effective) mindset tools so you can re-create and re-envision your future, no matter what your age happens to be.

This bundle includes two of Camille's signature courses:  Money Shift and Purpose to Profit Shift. We also are including Mindset Shift as a free bonus because having the right mindset is critical for your success!  

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"Thank you! What you are doing is so valuable and important for women who strive to be independent in their professional lives! "


"In a world full of competition, you must offer something unique and different! The difference with your program is that you DO offer something unique! Thank you! "


"I got so much from your program! Your answers to my questions were fantastic. "


"This event was awesome!!! Keep doing more of the same! "


"You always seem to capture and express a golden nugget of life’s truth that speaks to me. Thank you! "

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Camille Courses

Stop thinking money is out of reach or complicated.  This course will teach you how to shift your money beliefs in a positive direction.  You will utilize a combination of coaching, practical skills and powerful mindset tools to learn how to make money work.

After taking this course you will:

 - believe you can attract and grow money regardless of your age or current knowledge

 - know how to easily and consistently manage your money

 - have a healthier money mindset

 - develop systems to stay financially fit for life

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Learn to navigate your way back home to your authentic self.  This course is packed with powerful exercises that move you step-by-step to identify your life purpose and create a path to live in alignment with that purpose.

When you finish this course you will:

- have clarity on what lights yo up

- be connected to how you want to feel each day

 - feel empowered to pursue a purpose-driven life

 - have a business or foundation idea that inspires you to start a new chapter in your life

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Get unstuck and remove the blocks that are holding you back in life! Change your negative beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns. And, improve your overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.

In Mindset Shift, you will learn to:

 - tap into your higher wisdom

 - harness the magic you already possess

- move forward with more confidence and lightness

-wake up excited to use these powerful Mindset Shift tools, so that you can change your life!

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Can't get my mind off that FREE Happiness-Shift Bullet Journal!

Newly Single or Widowed? (or ready for the feeling of independence?)

Are you ready to be increasingly relevant? Are you ready to be more active, more present and more in control of the next chapter of your life? Are you ready to wake up excited about what new adventures you are creating for yourself? Join with us!


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