Are you a divorced woman looking to build your own wealth while juggling all the things?


Our mission is to make sure you have the tools and confidence to step out, make big money and rebrand your life after divorce.

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Does it feel like money is slipping through your fingers?

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At the end of the month, do you wonder where all your money has gone?

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Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck even though you have good money coming in?

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Are you ready to thrive  in your post divorce life but don't know how to start?


You are smart, capable and ready to create your wealthy life - you just need the right roadmap to get you started.  Learn the three steps to get your money under control so you can uplevel your life and rebrand your vision of what's possible.


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Does Your Money Feel Out of Control?

3 Steps to Fix That Now

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Navigate Your Way

Find financial freedom and purpose.

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Transform with Play

Create, manifest and envision.

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Craft the Life You Want

Financial confidence, purpose and peace. 

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Hi there from Lee, Carolyn and Mimi

Our programs empower divorced women to create financial freedom, uplevel their lives and start purpose-driven businesses using the best coaching tools available as well as incorporating some fun Law of Attraction exercises.

We coach you to be more intentional, more present and more in control of the next chapter of your life.  

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I got so much from your program! Your answers to my questions were fantastic.

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This event was awesome!!!
Keep doing more of the same!

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You always capture and express a golden nugget of life’s truth that speaks to me. Thank you! 

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Camille is a safe place for divorced women, including those within the LGBTQ+ community, and stands unequivocally with Black Lives Matter

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