Click Here for your Who Am I Now? Essential Bullet Journal for Divorced Women

Available Now! A journal for divorced women looking to connect with their purpose and authentic self:

  • Feel valuable just as you are
  • Talk about yourself with confidence
  • Feel great about yourself and what you have to offer the world
  • Enjoy being you
  • Learn who you want to be in the world right now
  • 18 creative exercises designed to answer your "who am I now" questions
  • Designed by 3 women who get you
  • You also are invited to the FREE Healing Power of Guided Journaling Workshop - This live workshop will jump-start your journaling practice 


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Guided Journal Prompts - when designed for you and your specific situation - will get you the results you are looking for.

Are you a divorced woman looking to find purpose, build wealth and live joyfully - while juggling all the things?

As 3 seasoned coaches (who know what it's like to pick your self up after your marriage ends), our mission is help you get there 

Whatever your personal situation and needs might be - finances, confidence, identity, resilience - the ReBranding Divorce Academy is your one-stop shop for getting the help you're looking for.

When the three of us were rebuilding our lives after our marriages dissolved, we couldn't find resources that spoke specifically to the challenges a divorced woman faces.  We became the teachers we couldn't find and built the programs we wish had been there for us. We rolled up our sleeves, studied hard and invested in numerous courses and trainings.  All three of us are experienced, certified coaches

There we were - a mini-support group for each other, focusing on positivity, purpose, building our money skills and growing our businesses.  We no longer wasted time scouring the internet and trying to do everything alone.   It was a quicker, more joyful journey when we were in community.

From there, the ReBranding Divorce Academy came to life.  Our innovative teaching style is a combination of coaching, practical skills, mindset work and habit formation.  It's good and it works!

Divorced Women Deserve Resources Designed Specifically for Divorced Women 

The ReBranding Divorce Academy is for the divorced woman who is looking to create a kickass next chapter.  Since you're here, that must be you!

You're ready to thrive in your career, with your relationships, in your homelife and with your money. 

You're eager to uncover purpose and live a meaningful life (and maybe even start your own purpose-driven business!).  

You are smart, capable and ready to create the next chapter in your life - you just need the right roadmap to get you started.

The Rebranding Divorce Academy has the courses, programs and coaching resources you need to create the life you crave!

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Navigate Your Way

Find financial freedom and purpose.

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Transform with Play

Create, manifest and envision.

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Craft the Life You Want

Financial confidence, purpose and peace. 

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Hi there from Lee, Carolyn and Mimi

Our programs empower divorced women to create financial freedom, uplevel their lives and start purpose-driven businesses using the best coaching tools available as well as incorporating some fun Law of Attraction exercises.

We coach you to be more intentional, more present and more in control of the next chapter of your life.  

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I got so much from your program! Your answers to my questions were fantastic.

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This event was awesome!!!
Keep doing more of the same!

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You always capture and express a golden nugget of life’s truth that speaks to me. Thank you! 

We'd love to stay connected!

Camille is a safe place for divorced women, including those within the LGBTQ+ community, and stands unequivocally with Black Lives Matter

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