Restart your life and be happy again

Live a joyful and meaningful life after divorce

Gain the perspective, confidence, resilience and sparkle to become the independent, standing-in-your-own-power, wealth-building, joyful woman you were born to be.


Once the divorce was over, you worked to make sure your kids, family, friends, neighbors, maybe even the pets, all came through the divorce as healthy and happy as possible . . . and lost yourself in the process.

You're juggling schedules, expectations, money, emotions, career - it's exhausting - and this is not where you thought you'd be.

You know it's time to focus on YOU!  It's time to be intentional about how you want to live this next chapter of your life.

As 3 seasoned coaches (who know what it's like to pick yourself up after your marriage ends), we understand divorced women need the right tools and a positive community that supports their unique journey.

You can find the tools in the Rebranding Divorce Academy (and it's free to join)

You can find the support in the Rebranding Divorce Facebook Group (and it's free to join too!)


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"The lessons, tools, support and friends you make here are truly life changing!!! These coaches know what they are doing because they have lived it! Best decision I ever made was taking their class!!!"

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"OMG! I listened to all the lessons on my travels today.  These lessons are amazing. I love the worksheets and can’t wait to get home to print them and begin working on them. Oh and the App-freaking love it!!!"

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"Some of what I love about being here is the adventure of self discovery and actually learning to be my friend. Camille is a truly supporting community and I love the friends I have shared so much with. They are truly wondrous, brave and life affirming. Thank you."

Hi there from Lee, Carolyn and Mimi


We know what it feels like to try and recapture your vibrancy after the end of your marriage.  We spent too many years (and too much money) stuck in what we now call Post-Divorce Limbo.  We didn't know where to start and there were no resources that spoke to us as divorced women.

So, as coaches, we decided to create the tools we needed.  And we're excited to share them with you.

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