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Learn 3 Secrets You Need So You Can Go From Surviving to Thriving


Too many divorced women are STUCK in a life they don't really want.

Unending demands. Not enough confidence. No strong support system.

No cultural roadmap for divorced women.

And no clear path from where you are now to the life you want to build. 


Get clarity and stay focused, so you can design and live the life you deserve.

This is why we created Divorced Life Design — to share the secrets of successful divorced women and create a clear path from surviving to thriving so that all divorced women can live a life that feels expansive and filled with possibilities.

Come to this masterclass and you will learn

  • Why your inner wisdom needs to be your CEO
  • How action creates miracles
  • The power needed to trust your dreams
  • Why you deserve to follow your dreams
  • Fear doesn't need to get in your way
  • You are like 1000's of other divorced women who have successfully designed a fantastic life they - at one time - never thought possible
  • Why you're struggling to move forward and start living your best life
  • The ins and outs (and magic) of the Post Divorce Growth Cycle
  • Why 'knowing' you're meant for bigger things is the exact right place to start and . . . what the next step MUST be
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If you are a divorced woman ready to take her life to the next level, you'll get valuable, life changing insights from this masterclass

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Discover how the Post Divorce Growth Cycle
takes you from Confusion, Fog and Uncertainty to:




Meet your Coaches

Mimi Suddath, Lee Sears and Carolyn Farkas

We are three divorced women who spent the years after our marriages fell apart learning, healing, growing and racking up certifications and life experiences that formed the foundation for the courses and programs we teach today.

We've mentored and coached 1000's of divorced women for years and understand the patterns and limiting beliefs that show up.  More importantly, we know how to coach women to release these patterns and beliefs so that they can design a life that feels exciting and full of possibility.

Our mission is to:

  • disrupt the notion of what personal power and financial strength can look like for women - especially if we are divorced or widowed,  
  • help women embrace limitless opportunity and continuous mind expansion,
  • rebrand life after divorce for women,
  • help women become even more relevant with age,
  • demonstrate joy, freedom, abundance, adventure and the power of women working together.  

We recognize that many of you - like us - are late bloomers and may be starting over again, perhaps only now hitting your stride in life and becoming more fully who you are meant to be. 

Camille is our vision of how to be life-long learners, financially independent, in community, living on purpose and acting with intention.

Ready to ditch the confusion, get clarity, and step into your amazing life?