How to Be Extraordinary


I was listening to Oprah's Super Soul Conversations podcast today because I've been tuning into her interviews with Eckhart Tolle, a mentor of mine. They are exploring his book, A New Earth

In the episode I listened to today, Oprah and Eckhart discussed how to manifest stuff, like jobs, money and the overall fantasy life you want. The obvious reason we are fascinated by manifestion is that most of us would like our lives to be a smidge more extraordinary than our current reality. 

Eckhart's advice was to feel as though this futuristic and extraordinary life was not in the future at ALL, but real right now. But, more than that, he was encouraging listeners to be in the current moment with full awareness. And, since his first bestseller was called The Power of Now, he's definitely convinced of the power of, uh, NOW.

As in, your future vision - no matter how extraordinary it may be in your imagination - is not where your power is. You only have power in the moment you are currently inhabiting.  The idea is to step into your current reality with full awareness and intention.

And that leads me to point number 2. To build an magnificent life, you use your power NOW to take intentional and appropriate action. You work on being your natural, magnificent self right this very second. You stay in in your body, with full awareness of every cell, the Earth under your feet, the air you breathe and you work it! 

You work! Not to the exclusion of all else in your life, but you must do the extraordinary work to get the extraordinary success from your work. 

So, to recap: If you want to live the life you imagine for yourself, you first ground yourself in this moment and then - from this full presence, intention and clarity - you take inspired action and...rinse and repeat. 

Let's discuss your extraordinary life further!


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