Noteworthy 2-11-20 Full Moon Endings and Why Body Wisdom is Psychic


Happy Full Moon, ya'll! What's been going on for you? Have you noticed specific themes going on during the past few days? If so, what emotions are coming up for you? Or, is your body talking to you with various symptoms? AND, if your body IS talking to you, what is it saying?

In this week's Noteworthy, we wanted to do a little more teaching around the vastness and scope of your body's wisdom. If you have taken one of our courses or attended one of our events, you know we use a navigational coaching tool called The Body Compass as one of our core tools. 

Essentially, your body's wisdom IS the body's "compass". And your body speaks to you in a variety of languages that are unlike the language of the brain which uses, well, language and words.

Your body speaks to you using body sensations such as chills, the hairs rising on your arm or neck, a pounding heart, tight muscles, a lump in your throat, etc. That part probably makes sense - the fact that the parts that make up the body will do stuff that gets your attention. 

However, the body wisdom also uses imagery, metaphor, music, color and smell to communicate with your brain (where you "translate" the body's message). 

All of you people out there who have learned our Body Compass tool, understand how to use it to make yes or no decisions and have gotten pretty good at it. And for all of you people out there who have NOT learned how to use your body's "compass", we believe this video may be the motivation you need to learn this powerful self-coaching tool!

We want ALL of you to understand that there is much, much more at stake when you follow the path of the body's wisdom. 


Watch the video to find out just how vital body wisdom is for making your dreams come true!

We believe in you,

Lee, Mimi and Carolyn


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