Noteworthy 2-18-20 Women, Money and Retirement - can these three things ever become friends?

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Today, we are discussing retirement, money for retirement, bag lady syndrome, 401k’s, and the gap in net wealth between men and women due to a woman’s sometimes sporadic work history if she chooses to have children or to care for aging parents. All of this combined with the fact that women are likely to LIVE longer than most men. 

Therefore, women would seem to need even MORE in savings than their male counterparts, but the fact is that women most often have significantly less.  A disproportionate number of women do live in poverty as a result of societal roles and norms. Hence the bag lady syndrome that many women have that they will be penniless and on the curb in their golden years.

We are not sure why, but Mimi and Carolyn and I have never had bag lady syndrome and our hearts go out to those of you who DO suffer this fear! Fortunately, there is a cure for bag lady syndrome and for any retirement account woes.

Our money course, in particular, is perfect for you if you want to improve your relationship to money and grow your money!

Please join our Camille Conversation by clicking here and listen to Mimi, Carolyn and I discuss Money and Retirement.


Here's the chart we discussed in the CamilleConversations video.


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