Noteworthy 3-10-20 Seven Mindset Strategies to (finally) Overcome Overwhelm

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020

It seems impossible to talk to anyone without hearing how worried and stressed they are about something going on in the world.   Coronavirus is easily at the top of the list of concerns, but financial worries, political news and cultural clashes are contributors too.

Without realizing it, you can find yourself getting caught up in someone else's hysteria.

We thought it might be a good time to share our Seven Mindset Strategies to (finally) Overcome Overwhelm.  We originally presented tools for when you are feeling overwhelmed about time and how much you need to do.  But they are effective anytime you are feeling stressed or scared.

Use one (or all) of these Seven Mindset Strategies throughout the day as needed:

  1. Camille Trio – this is a great tool to start your day with focus
  2. Square Breathing – amazingly simple and effective
  3. Face Your Demons and Take Action – think about this when you’re stuck and can’t find the right path to follow
  4. Room with a (Different) View – sometimes you just need a change of scenery
  5. Work-Rest-Play – if changing your work venue doesn’t do the trick, just stop working altogether (counterintuitive but effective)
  6. Brain Cleanse – sometimes you just got to get rid of some junk, even if it’s mental junk
  7. Celebrate Your Wins


Click here to download the Seven Mindset Strategies to (finally) Overcome Overwhelm


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