Noteworthy 4-14-20 How to relieve stress - RIGHT NOW

Are you struggling to stay focussed like we are? This is a common symptom in these days of coronavirus. I've heard a few experts talking about why this might be. The consensus seems to be that we are experiencing something like grief - which causes a specific kind of physical, mental and emotional stress. 

If you are like us, we weren't completely aware we were "grieving". It's beneath the surface to the point that can be a bit invisible. 

What are we grieving?

  • The World as we knew it on January 1st, 2020. Or, even February 1st. 
  • Any sense of financial stability we enjoyed prior to CoVid-19. Even if you are lucky enough to have kept your career going and the money flowing in, there is a distinct undertow of The Unknown. But, certainly, if you have lost your job or your business is struggling or outright closed, your whole world has been rocked.
  • We are grieving for the Lombardy region of Italy, Madrid, New York City (and all the other places hit hard by this illness), for the overwhelmed doctors and nurses and the huge loss of life. 
  • We might be grieving the loss of people we know well - even loved ones.
  • We might be grieving the loss of social connection. 

The list could go on. Our point is that any grief we ARE experiencing is not baseless. It is real. We need to acknowledge our worries and feelings/emotions we are having right now. Not to do so causes other symptoms such as fuzzy-brain syndrome, malaise, anxiety and all the other symptoms of stress. 

Many of you will be familiar with the Kübler-Ross stages (and emotional states) of grief

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance (and Finding Meaning - a recent addition)

Can you relate to any of the above emotions? Have you experienced at least a few of these? I know I have! Denial, for sure, Anger, yep. Bargaining might be harder for us to get a grip on. But, it might look like thinking of how you might overcome the situation, because, you do THAT, then surely the situation would go away sooner. 

Then, of course, there is Depression. In the context of what is happening to all of us right now, this does not necessarily mean that one goes into clinical depression. It's more like a day here and a day there, when you feel listless and just can't quite get it together. Maybe nothing seems interesting. 

And...Acceptance. Are you there yet? Even for a few minutes?

We are beyond thrilled that Kübler-Ross's student and writing partner, David Kessler, has added a 6th stage - Finding Meaning. Finding Meaning is a concept throughout our CamilleCo programs. We know both from our personal experiences and from coaching others that finding meaning is a game changer. When you can get to that stage, even briefly, you are on your way to healing. 

We move in and out of these stages of grief on an hourly basis sometimes. It can be exhausting!

Mimi, has been using some of our CamilleCo tools on her own to manage her stress levels (which are tied into this mass experience of grief we are having). We love Mimi's daily journal practice so much, we want to share it with all of you.

Get Your Stress Relief Journal!

The journal sheet is attached so that you either can print or copy in your own notebook. Here is a quick guide to how to use it:

  • Name your worry - write down what is weighing on you the most at the moment
  • Acknowledge your feelings - notice, allow yourself to feel, whatever the feelings are, and write them down
  • Where is the opportunity - challenge yourself to see where the very thing that weighs you down has at least a tiny silver lining of opportunity
  • Affirmation - Turn the worry into an affirmation

The downloadable journal sheet also contains an example page to demonstrate how to do this!  And, please DO contact us if you are stuck or need help filling it out. We are here to help.

Get Your Stress Relief Journal!

In the meantime stay safe. We are getting through this together.



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