Noteworthy 5-12-20 You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Confident

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

Society teaches women to minimize their confidence and therefore finances.  What? Whose crazy idea was that?

Today, we want to bust the myths connecting self-worth and net-worth.  

I can remember the times in my life when I didn’t have any money.  My bank balance had pennies in it.  I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills, put gas in the car or even buy that week’s groceries.  And it made me feel terrible about myself.  I felt like a failure.  My self-esteem was so closely connected to my bank account that finding a way out of that financial situation seemed impossible.  

You probably had your own version of this happen to you. It’s a terrible place to be, right?

Have you ever heard money gurus out there saying something like “your net-worth is not your self-worth” or “the money does not make the woman”?  We absolutely agree with this.  AND, we also know that your self-worth and your net-worth are completely connected to one another.

How is possible for both to be true? It is important to understand the distinction.

Your bank account balance is definitely not reflective of your value as a  woman, even though we are messaged to believe this is true. 

This damaging and false messaging is exactly what the financial gurus are working to dispel. How much money you do or do not have has nothing to do with who you are as a person.  It does not indicate your intelligence, talents, creativity or your worthiness of respect.  

And we could not agree more.   However...

The opposite is also true. There is a strong connection between your self-worth and your ability to make, manage and hold onto money.  Your love and acceptance of yourself is reflected in your personal finance story.   It is hard to attract and accept wealth into your life if you do not feel worthy of it!

This is why coaching around your mindset and beliefs is so fundamental and important for making major changes to your money situation. You need support to overcome the cultural and ingrained belief systems that you have adopted, without even knowing you did so.   

As challenging as it may seem.  Change is possible.  In fact, once you take the initial steps, change can happen almost in the blink of an eye.  Mimi, Lee and I have done this work and have experienced almost an instant change. It feels like magic once it happens.  But it does require making the decision to take the first step, get the support of experts, and do the work.   It doesn’t happen without action.  

We encourage you to join our May Money Conversations on Facebook and get on the waitlist for our upcoming webinar: 3 Actions You Can Take RIGHT NOW to Reduce Your Money Stress

We know you have the power to change your financial situation and create a big, beautiful luscious life.  


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