Noteworthy 5-5-20 Out with your old money story - In with feeling wealthy

Uncategorized May 05, 2020

Have you ever been out to dinner and one of your friends whips out their credit card and picks up the tab for everyone?  Pretty cool move right?

And the thing is, it’s not always the person at the table who has the most money.

Some people just have an easy, breezy mindset about money.  I am not one of those people.  The idea of money having an energy and presence beyond what I earn and put in the bank came late to me in life.

But I’ve gone all in to learn as much as I can - from how to have fun with money (yes, money should feel fun)  to whether an annuity should be part of my retirement portfolio (still up in the air on that one).

What I’ve learned, and what we’re trying to share in Camille, is that how much money you have has a lot to do with how you think about money.  And how you think about money has a lot to do with your Money Story.  And your Money Story can have a happier ending.

That’s a wild concept right?  

Your Money Story was created in childhood.  It is your perception about money that you formed based on the adults around you.  How they talked about, spent, earned, hoarded and worried about money has left an impact on you.  But not every child has the same emotional reaction to every situation.

It’s why my siblings and I can have very different money stories - even though we all share the same memories about how money was handled in our family.  Our stories are formed by our emotional response and our personal perceptions - not by the actual events we lived.

Does that make sense?  It can be hard to separate memories from our childhood to the impact they’re making in our lives today.  Especially if you’re like me and money is not something you’re used to thinking about.

So how can you start to re-write your money story?  And why is it important?

Below are a series of questions to get your thinking about your money story and hopefully start to change it for the better.  Why?  It’s all about mindset.  Remember - how much money you have has a lot to do with how you think about money.  And I’m all for women having more money!

Try to find some time this week to answer the following questions.  

  1. Write down your earliest memories from childhood.  What lessons do you remember getting from your parents or teachers?
  2. How are these memories reflected in the beliefs you have about money today?
  3. Are these beliefs about money enabling you to live your best life?
  4. Do you believe you can change your mindset around money?

Reach out to us if you get stuck or have questions.  We all know the adage, “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”. But whoever said that you can’t be happy with more money? 

At Camille, we are ready for women to feel comfortable talking about money, wanting money and using money for good.

I believe in you (and your ability to own your money story)


PS: If you haven’t downloaded our free Money Shift Bullet Journal, grab it here.  It’s a fun, easy way to start having a relationship with money.

PSS:  If you’re ready to really start changing how you think about money and how you welcome it into your life, click here to learn more about our Money Shift course.



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