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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - May 28 - Have you met the monster in your closet?

Uncategorized May 28, 2019

One of the shared common fears of childhood is a monster hiding under the bed or lurking in the closet.  That beast who could appear in our nightmares and only an adult could banish.  For me, the monster was always in the closet and do this day, I do not want to sleep with a closet door open.

As I moved out of childhood, the thing I was afraid of seemed to grow up with me.   It evolved from a physical being to a mental demon that could wreak havoc with my thoughts.  

You know the guy, he waltzes in right when you're about to step out of your comfort zone and knows just what to whisper to sap your confidence.  But how to banish this monster?  Here are three tips I use - hopefully one will feel right for you.

1. Embrace the monster

Befriend what it is that you are so afraid of.  The fear is often driven because you know something is on the horizon, but you don't know when it's coming.  If you invite the fear in, you begin to understand it a little more.  You can look at things more objectively and devise a plan of action that propels you forward.

Don't leave yourself open to sneak attacks from what you fear!

2. Recognize that sometimes the monster is right

Yep - you are going to fail.  There are moments when no matter how hard you work, you aren't achieving the outcome you want.  Or not in the way in which you would have hoped.  But every failure is just teaching you what doesn't work.  Weed enough of those out and you start to uncover the things that will work.

Get over worrying about making a mistake - it's going to happen.  The point is to put yourself out there and don't give up!  It's seldom the mistakes that stop us from moving forward.  It's not preparing for this eventuality that can cause us to give up.

3. Become the monster slayer

You can't wait for someone else to step in and slay the demon that has sunk his teeth into your dreams.  Work to figure out how to do this for yourself.  Find the people who are doing the thing you want to do.  Study them.  And envision yourself doing it with the same level of success.  When you are face to face with your monster, tap into that person's strengths to get you through.

If you are worried about interviewing someone on your podcast, see yourself as Oprah, chatting with your guest.  Having a great time.  It's hard for your demons to enter your sphere, when Oprah is there to keep them at bay!

Yes.  It takes courage to push beyond your comfort zone.  It got that name for a reason - it's so dang comfortable you just want to hang there all the time.  Everyone is afraid.  Everyone has their own monster to defeat.  It is your ability to embrace the monster, know you'll face setbacks and move forward anyway that will allow you to live a life of purpose and enjoyment.




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