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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - September 10 - Just Dive In, Do It and STOP Dreading It

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019
Every now and then do you feel there is that one project or task that you have avoided doing for so long it seems to have taken on a life of its own?  It's crazy, right?  You can find absolutely anything else to do except tackle that project.
Until that moment comes when you can't' put it off any longer.  And bang!  Just like that it's done and you wonder WHY did I dread this so much?!?!
That's exactly how I feel about the marketing aspects of business.  There are so many different pieces that all have to fit together.  And it's way outside my comfort zone, my skill set and my knowledge base.  But it has to be done.
Lee, Carolyn and I spent the morning talking to marketing experts.  It was eye opening to me.  Not just in the amount of information I consumed (which was a lot!), but in the level of enthusiasm I gained.  It's really hard to talk to someone about the thing they are so passionate about and not start to get a little of that excitement yourself.  I definitely started to get a little jazzed about the idea of putting together a marketing strategy.
When you are a small business owner, you get to dip your toes into a great variety of things.  Some of them you are going to love.  Some of them you are going to do without thinking.  Some will be tedious.  Other will pique your curiosity.  The best tasks are those that line up with what you love about your business - typically dealing with your customers!
Eventually there will be an aspect of the business that has nothing but 'chore' written all over it.  For me it's marketing.  What I learned today was to dive in to those aspects of your business that you dread.  You don't have to become an expert at ALL things, but you do need to gain a working knowledge of them.  You might surprise yourself and find it's not nearly as imposing as you initially imagined.  Learn as much as you can and then find the right expert - an important part of running a business is knowing where and when you need help!
Diving into dread is not only a business strategy.  Postponing something gives it more power to make you miserable.  I don't know if you're the same, but for me, when I put off doing something, it never really leaves my mind.  It sits there taking up space, so even when you aren't working on it, you are spending energy on it.
Find someone who loves the thing you don't want to do.  Working with them will allow you to uncover some nugget that you can enjoy too.  I will likely never wake up hoping I can spend the day formulating marketing strategies, but I won't go to sleep dreading that's what the new day will bring.
Now if I can find some way to enjoy doing my taxes.

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