Your Dreams Are Inconvenient


Our friend Mimi is on her way to Antarctica as I write this.  So this is Lee filling in for her!

You may not have picked up on the heavy hints yet, but Mimi is a born traveler. When we were roommates after college, she saved up for a yearlong trip around the world. I was so impressed by her grit and determination saving up on a small salary to do this thing so big it was hard for me to imagine. 

It was her DREAM, though. And with that shiny, sparkly goal in mind, she did what she had to do to make it happen. I've watched Mimi do that same process - dream, discipline, make it happen - over and over again through her life - a life that hasn't been always easy. 

It's true for you, as well. If you want to go after your dreams, it won't always be a piece of cake. Your dreams are not convenient. They don't happen when you are ready. They don't come running when you whistle. They don't respond to wishful thinking. 

Dreams finally come wagging their tails and kissing your face when you step out of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable - consistently.

Dreams are your loyal companion when you are willing to withstand and push through your fears. Dreams love it when you are willing to leave your comfort zone and deal with some discomfort. 

Dreams have a sense of humor and like it when you have one, too. Dreams are messy and color outside your carefully drawn lines. 

Why am I saying all of this?

I want you to reach your goals and achieve your wildest dreams! If you have been a little stuck, I want to ask you to consider the possibility that you might be choosing comfort over manifesting your dreams. You might be prioritizing convenience over living your best life filled with sparkle and joy. 

Ask yourself these questions until you are willing to choose inconvenience and discomfort (in the short term) so that you can begin to see progress and change in your life long-term


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