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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Celebrating Turtle Steps

Oct 30, 2018

Hello Friends - 

Often when I sit down to write, my mind tries seems to spin to the things that are causing me angst in the world.  And heavens knows there are way too many things that can be heavy, fearful and unpleasant to worry about these days.

So this week, I'm all about the positive!  I was on a Mastermind call this morning (it was actually the first time I've ever done that because the title has always intimidated me) and the leader of the call said "Let's start with...

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TRIBE Tuesday Tips: Ch-ch-changes

Oct 23, 2018

Sometimes it catches me off guard how quickly the world around me is changing.  I try to roll with most things - kids are growing, seasons go from summer to fall, money is flowing in, money is flowing out, politicians come and go.  There are births, deaths, weddings.  Family reunions.  Class reunions.  Crazy new things in technology.  Clothes styles emerge and disappear before I even figure out what's 'current'.

It's like a treadmill that we're all...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Lessons from a 13 year old rescue dog and a 5 year old orphan

Oct 16, 2018

Throughout most of my life, I have found somewhere to volunteer.  Even in Kindergarten  I set up a corner to teach other kids how to tie their shoes.  Hmmm.  Maybe I've just always wanted to be the boss???

While in Middle School, I spent summer days at my Mom's school working with mentally and physically handicapped children.  In High School I helped teach French and dance to younger age groups.  In College I participated in several service projects, but...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Would My 25 Year Old Self Approve

Oct 09, 2018


Lee, Carolyn and I have just spent an amazing four days in Boston.  It was an especially poignant trip for me as this is where I spent my twenties.

I lived in Boston for five years.  Much of what I know about friendship, working, politics and independence was developed during these years.  As we walked around Boston and I passed close to 5 of the 6 apartments I lived in while there (!), I could not stop thinking about how young that woman was.  I...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - I Can Do HARD Things

Oct 02, 2018

Hi TRIBE Family - 

This week starts a new chapter in my life.  For the past several years I have been moonlighting from my day job to work with a friend to get his business off the ground.

But last week was, literally, my last week.  While I loved being there, it was time for a change.  It's been so much fun and came at a time in my life when I needed to be extremely busy, challenged and out in the world.  And the extra money certainly was a BIG bonus.  

So why...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Don't Play Small

Sep 25, 2018


Lately, the question of what to do when the people around you don't support your success or maybe don't "get" your success has come up quite a bit.  It's a tough one.  Most of us want the people in our lives to come along for the ride.

Frequently, their the ones we're doing it for in the first place!

There are so many reasons that someone you love might not necessarily be rooting for you:

  • they are missing out on time with you
  • they don't share your vision
  • they 'fear'...
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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - 21 Chair Salute

Sep 24, 2018
I live in North Carolina and this week we have been slammed by hurricane Florence.  I live pretty far inland, so I haven't been worried about my safety.  And I don't live near a lake or a river. So even though it has rained NONSTOP for days and days, I haven't had to face the prospect of my home flooding (which is the major tragedy of this storm).  
My biggest concern was whether I would lose electricity - and I didn't even really prepare for that....
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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Must I JUMP Into the Fear??

Sep 16, 2018
At a recent conference, the speaker told a story about how necessary it was to Jump Into the Fear.  She was talking to a large group of women and trying to drive home the point that


seems to come at us in all caps.  And can become debilitating.  And women often struggle with how to move through fear to get the things we want.
It made me think a lot about how I personally handle situations when I am fearful.  Not like 'I'm afraid of heights so I'm not...
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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - With Money I Could . . .

Sep 04, 2018

Do you ever play the 'Fill In The Blank' game?  Where someone sends you a list of questions and you have to fill in your answer.  Kind of like those conversation starters at dinner parties or at team building exercises.  

They're fun, right?

Sometimes I play them with myself.  Almost as a motivational tool.  And especially when I'm feeling buried under too much work.

I take a minute and think about WHY.  Why am I working so hard?  Why am I juggling multiple...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Show Up Like A Boss

Aug 28, 2018

This week I was able to pursue one of my favorite passions - learning new things.  I attended a conference in San Diego that was focused on building a thriving business.  So many amazing women gathering from all over the world to try and figure out what it takes to become a successful business owner.  It was incredibly inspiring.

The speakers were experts in their respective fields.

The exercises we were given to work through really stretched our perception of what...

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