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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Today Calls for Rock-Star Worthy Effort

Jul 24, 2018

You are doing your very best today.  You do every day and that is magnificent.  Some days your best is incredible, rock-star worthy effort and some days your best is just simply breathing. 

In and out.

All day long.

Some days you over deliver with a smile that lights up the world.  Amazing.

Other days your very, very best means lots of apologies tomorrow. But each day it is your best. It's where you are.

You know how I know that about you?

The same is true for me. ...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - NO Takes Courage

Jul 17, 2018

Hi Tribe!

My focus this month has been about looking into the future.

  • Dreaming about where my journey will take me.
  • Planning all the amazing things I want to accomplish on this journey.
  • Preparing my money to get me there.
  • Connecting with the people that I want to journey with.

One of the most difficult parts of this adventure is trying to decide what to leave behind.  I mean, I'm a bit of a collector of stuff, so there is a lot that I need to leave behind.

But I'm not just...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Finding Our Greatness

Jul 10, 2018

Hello TRIBE!

I believe one of the best things about getting older is gaining perspective.  Many of the things that seemed so earth-shatteringly important in my youth I have allowed to completely vanish - or at least take less mental energy - as I've gotten older.  Things like having the hippest brand of clothes, getting a new car, climbing the corporate ladder, throwing the best parties, touting my children's latest successes, knowing the best places to eat.  All those things...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Writing Chapter Two

Jul 03, 2018

Several summers ago, two things happened back-to-back which radically changed my life.  First - I read a book by Pam Cope called Jantsen's Gift: A True Story of Grief, Rescue and Grace (it literally altered the way I thought about the world and my place within that world).  After the tragic loss of her son, she was driven to build an international non-profit business transforming the lives of boys, girls and women who were caught in horrific situations....

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - In Case You Need To Hear It Today - Your Scars are the Best Part About You

Jun 26, 2018

"Never be ashamed of your scars. It simply means you are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you" - Unknown 

I love this quote.  Lately I have had the realization that I have spent a lot of time unconsciously being uncomfortable with my wounds and scars.  Both internal and external.  They made me feel like somehow I had failed at life.  That I wasn't perfect - whatever that means.   Now I feel so differently about my scars.  They are what makes me me....

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Girl, The Time is NOW

Jun 19, 2018

Hi TRIBE  - June 30 is rapidly approaching and we will soon be halfway through 2018.  Calendar milestones often make me stop and think about all I've done this year and how much more I want to accomplish by year end.  Right now I'm feeling pretty successful!  I truly hope you share that feeling!  That you are out there crushing your to do lists and following your dreams.  

If not, if you are waiting and imagining that there is this 'someday' when...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Bucket List Goals

Jun 12, 2018

Ahhhh.  Bucket Lists.  Those major aspirations that we all hope to achieve one day.  Those dreams that are sitting out there waiting for our 'somedays' and 'when I'm not so busy days' to roll around.  Here are some that I've had or heard my friends talk about.  

  • travel goals - Machu Picchu, Paris, Great Wall of China
  • financial achievements - million dollar retirement fund, house paid off by age 50 (I've missed that one already)
  • career milestones - become a VP, start...
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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Gratitude - Pass it along

Jun 05, 2018

What you aren't getting today is the original TRIBE Tips I was planning to send.  This Monday has turned into an amazing day for me, so I thought I'd share that instead.  It's all about the power of gratitude.  Well really, it's about what happens when we share our gratitude.  Lee, one of my amazing business partners, called to let me know how overwhelmed with gratitude she was feeling.  Quite a while ago I had given her a recommendation about someone to work...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Mind Time

May 29, 2018

Hello everyone.  So sorry I’m a little late in the day this week. A holiday Monday can really create havoc with my scheduling system!  I don’t know how you feel about working – I happen to almost always enjoy working.  I have spent most all of my adult life working not just one job, but usually two jobs (and on occasion even three jobs).  It’s not that I am a workaholic, I just can really be lazy if I have too much down time.  I mean...

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TRIBE Tips Tuesday - You've Got A Friend In Me

May 22, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship lately.  There are so many types of ‘friends’.  I remember my daughter at age 4 crying as we left a street fair.  When I asked what was wrong, she said she was sad to be leaving her new friend.  Since I knew she hadn’t met any children, I asked who she was talking about.  She said the little girl that was carrying the red balloon.  She was sad she didn’t get a chance to talk to her, because...

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