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Hey! This is Lee and Mimi.

We teach divorced women how to build 6-figure businesses that light up their spirits.  

Get access to our 3-month, step-by-step business startup coaching program designed specifically for divorced women.


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Does this sound like you?


You are more than ready to ditch any remaining divorce vibes. Bye-bye, vibes!



You have an idea that you think will work as a business, yet you are stalled going from "idea" to a "real-live business".



You need just a little more confidence to move forward with your business idea so that you stop letting your fears around money, age, experience,  education, the market (whatever) hold you back.



You keep waiting for "the perfect time" to start, but this has held you back. You are ready for a nurturing but firm push! 



You would LOVE some accountability help and positive, effective support!


You’re just a few steps away from writing your own paycheck. Enroll today to get Founder's pricing to participate in our pilot program.


Imagine making $10,000 a month, and still having time to enjoy lunch with your girlfriends, talk to your kids, turn off your computer and take a walk outside, sign up for cooking lessons, figure out the whole dating thing, and travel to Italy or Greece whenever you want to! 



From Lee:

I had been playing small in my marriage, and, even though the divorce knocked me down, I was able to get back up and start this business with Mimi after our marriages ended. In the early days of building Camille, we worked WAY too hard on all the wrong things.

I leaned into my years of life coach experience and training to remind us of our original purpose and mission AND to remind us to use the tools we were teaching everybody else. Somewhere along the way, we had gotten off track and were not in full alignment with what we were doing. Through trial and error, and a lot of lost time, we re-aligned our energy and learned how to focus on the right things. After making some minor but tactical changes, the money rolled in and we felt aligned and more rested. 

What surprised me most was how small and easy those changes were. Also, how working "harder" was not a requirement. We just had to feel aligned with our original mission and know what to focus on. 


You can do this too! As a divorced woman, you need a program that delivers the information you want (and need) in a way that recognizes the reality of the journey you’re traveling.



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I have seen such huge changes in my life. I am loving me today I am forever grateful for these coaches!!! Writing that just brought tears to my eyes and heart. I am forever changed. And look forward to all the new growth that is still to come.

-Cindy S.

Truly a life-changing program giving you support, advice and all the tools you need to move forward!

-Kim K.

This is the best investment I've made in me, now knowing and believing I am worth it and so are you! You will learn so many valuable tools you can continue to use for so many situations. The coaches are THE best!  Please, come join us--you deserve it. It will be one of the best things you do for yourself!

-Rhonda S.N.

Build Your Own Business 
3-Step Framework

Step 1

The BYOB Toolkit.

This unique set of tools is a powerful combination of simplicity, practicality and a sprinkle of 'woo'.

Say goodbye to being stuck in indecision and feeling like you need to learn 'one more thing' before moving forward.

Learn how to tune into your body so you build a business that feels aligned with your spirit.

Discover a simple (but effective) tool to use every step of the way to ensure the decisions you make today will get you to that 6 figure goal.

Step 2

Develop and Refine Your Product

Fall in love with your customers because you have amazing clarity on who they are, what they need and how you are the solution they've been looking for.

Stop struggling with how to deliver your product.  Design your product in a way that meets your customers where they are while allowing you the freedom and space to enjoy life.  Win-win!

Move past technology stress and embrace your inner geek.

Learn the pricing strategy that gives you the profit you deserve.

Step 3

Going to Market.

Step out of creation and procrastination mode and into a launch mentality.

Use the safety of the BYOB community to practice your 'pitch' so your confidence is sky high when you're face-to-face with your clients.

Create your future-facing action plan so your calendar is set for the next 12 months.  Things are getting real!

Enjoy your life!  Because you've built your business in a way that reduces stress while increasing abundance.

Your Investment in BYOB

For a limited time only, we’re offering the VIP Build Your Own Business Incubator program at a special ‘Founder’s Rate’ of just $2,499. 

This information is not available in this format or depth anywhere else.   Divorced women are severely underserved in the e-commerce space - this program changes that!

Get more Q&A coaching sessions and mastermind opportunity in VIP!


(PLEASE NOTE: This is our Founder's Rate Pre-Sale. If you wait to purchase until after September 30 - the price increases to the regular rate of $4,499)

If you are interested in a payment plan, please reach out to us at [email protected]
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What if you didn’t have to figure out the next steps of your business all by yourself?  Instead, you have the information you need and a community that knows exactly how amazing it will be when the money is flowing and it feels good to get up and work in your business.



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