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What are we all about?

Our mission is to:

  • disrupt the notion of what personal power and financial strength can look like for divorced women  
  • help divorced women embrace limitless opportunity and continuous mind expansion
  • rebrand life after divorce for women
  • help women become even more relevant with age
  • demonstrate joy, freedom, abundance, adventure and the power of women working together

We recognize that many of you - like us - are late bloomers and may be starting over again, perhaps only now hitting your stride in life and becoming more fully who you are meant to be. 

This collective of programs, memberships, communities, retreats, trips and workshops is our vision of how to be life-long learners, financially independent, in community, living on purpose and acting with intention.  


Master certified coach; specializing in life-purpose, relationships, entrepreneurship, work-life balance and burnout-prevention coaching - with a spiritual twist.

I wanted to be a writer since the age of 3, when I first discovered a book of children's poetry (which I memorized cover to cover). I had numerous "favorite" books, but two of them that spring to mind are Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. I couldn't articulate it at such a young age, but these strange tales seemed somehow "true". I think these and other childhood stories colorfully illustrate the way our levels of consciousness work - especially for women.

I loved reading and writing so much that, in college, I designed my own major in a tiny liberal arts school to include communications and journalism and went on to write for newspapers, magazines and (eventually) online publications such as Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Divorced Moms, Elephant Journal and Maria Shriver.

After college, when I worked in the Office of Communications at MIT, I sometimes led workshops and discussion groups designed for staff. Little did I know in my 20's that this early experience woud be a precursor for a coaching career in my 50s. All I knew was that I LOVED it!

People often ask me how I transformed my life after a divorce and some rocky years as a single mother of three. They ask how I went from being an at-home mom for 14 years into prime corporate positions during the worst economic years since the Great Depression and then pivoted into a coaching career. 

The answer is simple. I leaned heavily on life-coaching books. I bought spiral notebooks and dutifully did ALL the exercises from start to finish. If there were exercises I particularly liked, I would go back and do them over again. If there were exercises I did NOT like, I would go back and try them again. I did the work...because I had to. I had to create a new me from scratch because the old me was pretty broken. I had to reach way down deep and, essentially, pull a rabbit out of a teapot. Or, to put it another way, I had to dust off and pick away at years of life's sediment to uncover my spirit again. 

I found "tools" - coaching tools that, when used properly, work miracles. And, I am dedicated to sharing these powerful tools with as many people as I can. 

With the tools that you learn in our events, courses and retreats, you will develop super powers. Seriously! Your life will transform, sometimes slowly, sometimes abruptly - but you will, at some point, find that you have tumbled through the looking glass and that your life has magically evolved into something miraculous. And then people will be asking you, "How did you do it?"

Carolyn Bilyak Farkas

Personal Retirement Plan: To continue life and meditation coaching and practicing as a Reiki healer - while adventuring around the world with my family and friends.

I am a Penn State graduate with a degree in Human Development with a minor in Sport’s Medicine. My career has spanned working as a Head Start teacher, running several family businesses, working in the pharmaceutical industry as a Compliance Manager, being a co-founder of Camille Co (a business built around supporting women create financial independence) and founding Crown to Roots Reiki and Meditation Practice. 

COACHING: My life purpose dramatically changed direction after experiencing an emotionally devastating divorce that took me years to fully recover from. As I traversed the challenges of not only surviving post divorce but creating a path that allowed me to thrive, I became passionate about supporting women walking a similar path.

If you are in the midst of a major life transition and know in your soul that you are meant to live a fulfilling, exciting and abundant life but need a little help getting there, I can help. I have been there, and I have helped women find their way through to the other side.

MEDITATION: I had the incredible good fortune to have a horseback riding instructor who taught me to meditate when I was 12 years old.  Through meditation I was able to find the relaxed parts of my body and mind and tune in to it instead of the chaotic, stressed out part of me.  I also learned to listen – to myself, to the horse, to the energy around me which allowed me to be present and connected to each of these things.   My meditation practice is the foundation of my mental health.  Just as I exercise for my body – I meditate for my mind.   I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from a daily mediation practice and that it is easier and more accessible than most people realize. 

REIKI: I found Reiki through grief.   I had lost my dad and was struggling to manage the pain of losing someone so close to me.  Through Reiki I found a way to release a lot of the trauma and sadness. I experienced the energy shift and clearing through my sessions and began to heal in unexpected ways.   I became devoted to the practice and became a Reiki master so that I could share it with others.  

I am a PARENT of 3 great young adults who have taught me everything important about life.  I have a profound respect for kids growing up with today’s challenges.  As well as the challenges parent face in raising healthy, happy, intact people while trying to stay healthy, happy and intact themselves.  

My goal as a LIFE COACH, REIKI THERAPIST and MEDITATION COACH is to create a safe place for healing from trauma, releasing anxiety and fear, moving past grief and mourning, managing intense emotion through therapeutic energy healing and meditation.  



Why am I here?  I am excited to rebrand the divorce experience for other women and open them up to the possibility of a limitless future - maybe even starting their own business.  I was intrigued by the idea of starting and working in a business that was outside of the mainstream corporate world. CamilleCo was formed so we could invite every women to take this journey with us - we each have the power to create our next chapter in whatever shape we want it to exist in.

So - Who am I?  I’m a mother of two amazing daughters and two granddaughter for whom I am totally smitten. I spent years (and years) in the corporate world before realizing it just wasn’t where I was going to be successful - or achieve my definition of success.  I now own and/or co-own multiple business and want this for every women I meet.  Stepping out on my own was scary and I’m so thankful that I took that risk, even though it came at a time when my husband was shakily employed and battling addiction issues.  Working from home allowed me the flexibility to help him and be available for my daughters.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was beginning my quest to a balanced life.  For me, life balance must involve family, work, travel and service.

Now - What do I bring to Camille?  I’m an entrepreneur and not afraid to take a risk.  I’ve had my own business for over a decade and come from a family of small business owners.  I have a passion for travel and have organized small group trips to, among other places, France, Ireland and Namibia.  I have run events of both large and small scale.  I’m excited to put these skills and passions to use and build a community of women who share the goal of life balance and self-discovery while proving that our current age is the best age of all.

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