What if you could...

  • return home to yourself?

  • feel prosperous?

  • chart a new course in life?

  • start being who you really are?

  • improve your finances, live with a sense of purpose and enjoy a healthier mindset?

Say no more!! I'm ready to Re-Set my life! I want these courses!

The Camille Re-Set Your Life Bundle Includes

Three Powerful Courses

Each of these courses is transformational enough to stand alone.  The magic comes when you take them altogether!

What if it's easier to attract money as you age? What if retirement could look radically different, financially?

We believe it can because we are living proof! This is the path we're walking and there are so many other success stories of clients doing the exact same thing.

This course will teach you how to shift your money beliefs in a positive direction, incorporating coaching, practical skills and powerful mindset tools so you start each day energized to attract money.

You will develop the necessary habits to stay connected with your money and learn how to make it work FOR you.

You're probably thinking "Wow, there are so many courses out there focused on money, why should I buy this one?"  We looked at a lot of courses and books when we were doing our own "money work" and found these to be one dimensional.   

Some courses were strictly coaching programs.

Some courses focus on practical advice.

Some courses emphasize money mindset to change your thoughts around money.

This course ensures your success by combining ALL of these approaches into ONE comprehensive program.

Every module contains coaching, practical knowledge and mindset tools.  This combination is the secret sauce to achieving your financial goals and preparing for a kickass retirement.

There is no other course exactly like this!  This course is like getting a PhD in self development.  We have carefully crafted this course to build on itself as you move through each module and each exercise.  The exercises must be done in the order that they are given for this course to work for you.
This course delivers! 
It is designed to:
  • bring you home to your true self
  • help you identify why the world needs you
  • give you the confidence to allow yourself to be a beacon
  • empower you to recognize that who you are on the outside CAN match who you are on the inside
  • open your mind to creating abundant income from your life purpose
  • define what you have to share with the world
  • give you the tools you need to feel complete and whole
  • help you crack the code on your life so that you feel connected to a life that works for you

What is different about the Purpose to Profit course is that it takes you beyond identifying your life purpose.  It is actually two courses in one.  That's what makes it SO powerful!

You CAN support yourself spending each day doing exactly what you are meant to do in the world.

FIRST:  You identify your purpose.
SECOND:  You identify how to monetize this purpose.
RESULT:  A life that is filled with fun, adventure, freedom, and a deep connection to your authentic self. 
You will feel relevant, powerful, and radiant.
You will recognize the genius within yourself and finally allow others to see it! 


With these Mindset Shift tools in your toolkit, you are in the driver's seat and equipped not only to bounce back from both minor and major setbacks but to conquer them.

What makes this course unique is: 

  • you learn to build lasting mindset habits and practices so that you can use and benefit from them for the rest of your happy life!
  • you get a carefully curated set of mindset tools, giving you "the best of the best" in the industry.
  • you get FAST results! In as little as a week, you can feel a dramatic shift if you apply these tools and use them daily. 
  • you will experience increased opportunities opening up for you, a sunnier outlook, a growing sense of peace, a sense of resilience, excitement, curiosity about what lies ahead, miracles and more self-love and forgiveness. 
  • you get tools you can use when you are at a crossroads, facing a big or difficult decision, when you feel anxious, when you are overwhelmed, when you backsliding into old, wornout negative thought patterns and when you want to manifest something specific in your life. 
  • you get great additions to your morning routine so that you can start your day with confidence, intention, optimism and empowerment. 

"Perfect delivery! So helpful, and exactly what I needed! "

M. B.

"I love how much this program challenged me! Thank you! "


"You helped me re-focus on my goals and get moving! It was time well spent! Thank you so much Lee, Carolyn and Mimi! "


Take a closer look at the content for each of these courses!



You will, through a rigorous combination of step-by-step exercises, define a clear purpose.  In this module, you will get results if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and do some focused work.


In this module you will work through a series of carefully crafted and curated exercises to uncover ways to monetize this purpose.  This could include a side gig, a charitable organization or blow it out of the water with a million dollar business doing exactly what you love.


This course is elegantly designed to deliver a clear, purpose-driven business idea that is perfectly tailored to you.  Even if you struggle with making decisions, confusion or analysis paralysis, this module, with it's failsafe method, ensures you will emerge with a concrete business idea based on your purpose.

PLUS, you get access to videos, audios and worksheets to help you master the tools in the course so you get the result you want.


Module 1 - Uncover your true motivation for wanting more money

Module 2 - Clean up your money habits

Module 3 - Understand and master your self-worth/net-worth connection

Module 4 - Learn proven and powerful tools for bringing more money into your life

Module 5 - Learn proven and powerful tools to bring more money into your business

Module 6 - Systems to carry these skills into your daily life

PLUS, you get access to videos, audios and worksheets to help you master the tools in the course so you get the result you want.


We believe that mindset is the foundation for all change. For that reason, we have included this powerful course to ensure you are successful in your quest to your authentic life.


Lesson 1: Learn how to clear your mind - the foundation for all mindset work

Lesson 2: Improve your emotional landscape by upgrading your thoughts 

Lesson 3: Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body and subconscious mind and interpret what they are telling you

Lesson 4: Learn our system for transforming negative thoughts into life-changing thoughts

Lesson 5: Learn how to create magic in your life




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