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This bundle includes two of Camille's signature courses:  Money Shift and Purpose to Profit Shift. We also are including Mindset Shift as a free bonus because having the healthiest mindset is a must if you want to attract and manifest your best life!  

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Do you feel like other people (but not you) seem to have secret keys to making and/or managing money?  Do you wonder "why them and not me?" Hello!!! It's time to raise your money IQ and rock your money-attraction and financial management skills using our 6 Secret Keys! It's NEVER too late to learn and master your money mojo.

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Are you CRAVING a more meaningful and authentic life that also feels like financial freedom?  Take a deep breath and go for it by taking our P2P course! By the end of this course, you will have a clear "life-purpose" (vital to using Law of Attraction principles) and a clear and viable business idea that adds not only money but MEANING to your life.

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Want to fast-track your ability to attract better people, events and things into your life? It's all in your mindset, my friend! Our simple but miraculous mindset practices will change your life if you learn and practice them on a regular basis. These tools are THE tricks-of-the-trade for the most influential and successful people in the world around you. 

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