You are in the right place if you are...

  • Struggling to fully recover from your divorce
  • Re-engaging with an unhealthy, destructive ex spouse
  • Finding it difficult to maintain personal boundaries in any or all aspects of life
  • Ready to create your new life but feel like you are betraying your ex
  • Unable to make a big decision in your life
  • Knowing things need to change but unable to move forward
  • Struggling to say no to people and feeling taken advantage of or overextended 
  • Feeling energetically connected to someone who habitually disappoints you
  • Ready to feel more in control of your future
  • Feeling guilty for wanting to move on and be happy
  • Craving peace of mind and unsure where to even start
  • Hungry for tools that will allow you to manage your stress and mental fatigue
  • Ready to build a meditation practice
  • Need someone in your corner to help you "move on"

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The role of a life coach is to support, encourage, nurture and mentor their client to set and reach their goals.

My passion is helping women who are in a pivotal stage of life step forward with confidence and courage to create the life they crave. Women who are changing paths, starting new ventures, recovering from trauma, and creating new futures for themselves often need guidance, direction and support to step into their full selves. My role is to meet you where you are and walk beside you as you attain your goals. Together we will ensure that you attain your vision for your life.

I specialize in working with women who are post divorce and ready to move on physically, financially, spiritually and energetically. Fully recovering from a divorce requires time and attention to intentionally release the pain, trauma and grief of the dream you had for yourself. My role is to help you achieve your goals and step into a new chapter feeling fully resourced and excited by the future.