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One thing you should know about me is that I invest myself heavily into each of my clients. I always hold the overall intention to help you unlock the best life for YOU! While doing that, I also adhere to a strict policy of discretion and absolute confidentiality, and provide a safe, transformational space for you to fully express who you are and what you are experiencing.  You will feel seen, understood, liberated – and, therefore, more powerful than ever.

I constantly am inspired by the courage of my clients to be vulnerable, open, and honest. If you were to look at each one of them from the outside, you might think, “She has it all! Her life is perfect.” Yet, inside she, just like you, knows there is something more. Together, you and I can find that something.

My coaching focus and expertise is with clients who, like you, are ready to grow more fully into their authentic purpose and then express their unique purpose more fully and intentionally with the world. My clients have been successful in achieving something amazing in the past and now have a new dream growing inside of them.  Yet, this time around, they do not want to go after success by pushing themselves to the brink of physical, emotional, mental depletion.  

If you have the same yearning to go after a new dream without sacrificing your health, social life and soul, I am here to confirm that you CAN!  Over the last decade, I have worked and refined the process of helping clients achieve the impossible while also experiencing the greatest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health they’ve experienced in years, or maybe ever.

You CAN create an extraordinary way of being in the world in a sustainable and truly fulfilling way.

I challenge all of you to aim for at least a 10x return on your investment in working with me.  I have you define, from the beginning, what that return would be quantitatively and qualitatively.  Working with me is an investment of your financial resources, time, and trust, but if you know from the outset what your return will be, it truly is an irresistible investment in your quality of life, your dreams, your potential, your impact and contribution, and your legacy.

It’s also not only my intention that you experience at least 10x return on investment, but more than that, it’s my goal that by the end of your sessions, you feel it’s been priceless and some of the best money you have ever spent.

I love working with individuals who have a burning vision inside of them, know they’ve got what it takes and just need the support and guidance to get past whatever has been holding them back in order to really breakthrough and be a breakaway success!

If we’ve never met, you’re new to my coaching, and you are interested in working with me at the silver, gold, or platinum level, please email lee.sears@gmx.com with “DISCOVERY CONSULT” in the subject line.

You’ll then receive an email regarding scheduling your free discovery consult and simple instructions for how to make the most of this session. Discovery consults are designed not only to give you an opportunity to tell me what you’re looking for in a coach, but it will also give you a sample experience of what it would be like for us to work together.  Even more than that, though, my intention for these sessions is that you walk away with truly valuable insights – some clients even report experiencing major shifts. Even after one session, you will feel better and leave with specific ideas and action steps you can immediately implement so you begin experiencing results that you can see and touch as well as feel.

Here's to you, your dreams, and most purposeful and authentic life!

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