"Investing in yourself pays the best interest"

- Benjamin Franklin

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Mimi Suddath 

Money and Financial Coach 

When women feel confident in their financial knowledge, they step into their power - and their lives transform for the better.  This goodness expands to include their family and then flows into their community.  Imagine a world where these ripples begin to connect!

I have a passion for helping women gain control over their finances and find a sense of ease - and even joy - managing and making their money grow.

I’ve had my own business for over a decade and come from a family of small business owners. I’m excited to put these skills and passions to use as your financial coach.  

Lee Sears

Career, Confidence, Self Image and Purpose Coach

People often ask me how I  transformed my life after a divorce during some rocky years as a single mother of three. They ask me how I stayed balanced and centered. They ask me how I found meaning in my life so quickly. They ask how I went from being an at-home mom for 14 years into prime corporate positions during the worst economic years since the Great Depression.

Working with me, you will learn the same practical strategies and tools that I implemented to boost my confidence and self-image, experience life more authentically and meaningfully, while also finding and landing good jobs and growing a side business.

To uplevel my career (and life!) experience I needed to connect to the confident me, the me that had a healthy self-image and knew she was and is worthy of a wonderful life. 

I will support you to live more authentically and on purpose (both in your life and career) so that your life feels richer and more meaningful. Let's do it!

(Certified life coach through the Martha Beck Institute and the BARE anti-diet method by Susan Hyatt; Lee has been working with clients for 10 years to help them find confidence, purpose, healthier relationships and meaningful work that also pays well.)

Carolyn Bilyak Farkas

Divorce Recovery,  Life Transitions, Boundary Setting Coach

If you are in the midst of a major life transition and know in your soul that you are meant to live a fulfilling, exciting and abundant life but need a little help getting there, I can help. I have been there, and I have helped women find their way through to the other side.

I am passionate about helping women who are in a pivotal stage of life step forward with confidence and courage to create the life they crave.  My role is to meet you where you are and walk beside you as you attain your goals. 

One of the key ingredients that many women struggle with is the confidence to set healthy personal boundaries.  The power of a firm boundary cannot be understated and yet it is something many of my clients find extremely difficult to implement in their lives.  Working with me will give you the clarity and confidence to unapologetically maintain your personal line in the sand. 

If you are ready to step into a new life chapter feeling fully resourced and excited by the future - Let's get to work!.

(BS Human Development & Sports Medicine, Certified DBT, CBT Coach)