Are you ready

to rebuild your life after divorce?

to fight for your dreams?

to create a life you love (even more than the one you lost)?

What if today was the day you took charge and started a new chapter?

we get it - we've been there - we walked through the fire

Like you, we have experienced heartbreak, financial armageddon, affairs, loss of friends, depression, lack of confidence, anxiety, sleepless nights, co-parenting nightmares, the repercussions of addiction in a family, job insecurity, the stress of single parenting, unwarranted shame and the loneliness of doing it all by yourself.  

We helped ourselves and countless other women through the ring of fire.  And, we are standing triumphantly on the other side.  We can help you create a big, beautiful, luscious life filled with:


Financial freedom





Business ownership



Manifesting tools









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