What is my purpose in life?

How can I live my purpose?

How can I make money by

sharing my purpose?

Have you ever wondered what you have to share with the world?

Do you feel like something is missing?  And you can't be complete until you figure out what it is?

Do you feel like you are the only one that doesn't have the secret formula to life?

Do you yearn to return home to yourself?

Do you want to make a difference in the world?

Do you want your light to shine brighter?

Do you want to stop pretending to be who you THINK you should be and start being who you REALLY are?

Do you want to support yourself by doing exactly what you love?

Do you want your purpose to more seamlessly merge with how you make a living?


I'm ready for the Purpose to Profit Shift Course

Learn to navigate yourself back home to your authentic self.

This course hands you the compass and map you need to feel:

There is no other course exactly like this!  This course is like getting a PhD in self development. We have carefully crafted this course to build on itself as you move through each module and each exercise.  The exercises must be done in the order that they are given for this course to work for you.

This course delivers! 

It is designed to:

  • bring you home to your true self

  • help you identify why the world needs you

  • give you the confidence to allow yourself to be a beacon

  • empower you to recognize that who you are on the outside CAN match who you are on the inside

  • open your mind to creating abundant income from your life purpose

  • define what you have to share with the world

  • give you the tools you need to feel complete and whole

  • help you crack the code on your life so that you feel connected to a life that works for you


What is different about this course is that it takes you beyond identifying your life purpose.  It is actually two courses in one.  That's what makes it SO powerful!

FIRST:  You identify your purpose.

SECOND:  You identify how to monetize this purpose.

You CAN support yourself spending each day doing exactly what you are meant to do in the world.


RESULT:  A life that is filled with fun, adventure, freedom, and a deep connection to your authentic self. 

You will feel relevant, powerful, and radiant.

You will recognize the genius within yourself and finally allow others to see it! 





You will, through a rigorous combination of step-by-step exercises, define a clear purpose.  In this module, you will get results if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and do some focused work.


In this module you will work through a series of carefully crafted and curated exercises to uncover ways to monetize this purpose.  This could include a side gig, a charitable organization or blow it out of the water with a million dollar business doing exactly what you love.


This course is elegantly designed to deliver a clear, purpose-driven business idea that is perfectly tailored to you.  Even if you struggle with making decisions, confusion or analysis paralysis, this module, with it's failsafe method, ensures you will emerge with a concrete business idea based on your purpose.

PLUS, you get access to videos, audios and worksheets to help you master the tools in the course so you get the result you want.


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