What if it's easier to attract money as you age? What if retirement could look radically different, financially?

We believe it can because we are living proof! This is the path we're walking and there are so many other success stories of clients doing the exact same thing.

This course will teach you how to shift your money beliefs in a positive direction, incorporating coaching, practical skills and powerful mindset tools so you start each day energized to attract money.

You will develop the necessary habits to stay connected with your money and learn how to make it work FOR you.

Are you ready to . . . .

If you are nodding your head "Yes! Yes! Yes! then the SexySmart Money Shift course is right for you!!
You will learn to take control of not only the practical side of money but really change how you accept money into your life
You will learn to see the connection between your self-worth and your net worth
You will learn to recognize your access to an endless supply of money energy....and use it anytime you want
You will learn to HAVE FUN WITH MONEY!!

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You're probably thinking "Wow, there are so many courses out there focused on money, why should I buy this one?"  Well we looked at a lot of those when we were doing our "money work" and felt like there were all very one dimensional.  

Some courses were strictly coaching programs - which is amazing.

Some courses focus on practical advice - which is super helpful.

Some courses emphasize money mindset to change your thoughts around money - yes, this is important.

But we believe that combining all of these into ONE course is essential to truly shifting your ability to succeed.

Below is an outline of the Money Shift course. All 6 modules contain a component for each of these essential disciplines - coaching, practical knowledge and mindset tools.  This combination is the secret sauce to achieving your kickass retirement.

SexySmart Programs

Money Shift

Module 1 - Embrace Your Why

Module 2 - Spring Clean Your Financial Practices

Module 3 - Your Self-Worth - Net Worth Connection

Module 4 - The Magic of Manifesting Money - Personal Impact

Module 5 - The Magic of Manifesting Money - Business Impact

Module 6 - You Are a SexySmart Money Magnet


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