Making Money Can Be Meaningful

Create a life you love (even more than the one you lost)

Purpose to Profit Online Course


Do you...

  • yearn to return home to your authentic self now that you're divorced?

  • worry that you can't keep up financially in this quickly-changing world?

  • feel like you are the only one that doesn't have the secret formula to life or the ability to attract money?

  • want to achieve financial freedom doing exactly what you love?

  • want to stop being who you THINK you should be and start being who you REALLY are and make more money as a result?

I'm ready for the Purpose to Profit Shift Course




STEP 1: 

You will begin this program with a module of self exploration.  Diving into exercises that will push you to examine aspects of yourself you might have forgotten were even there.  You will end with a clearly defined life purpose.


In this module you will work through a series of carefully crafted and curated exercises to uncover ways to monetize this purpose.  This could include a side gig, a charitable organization or blow it out of the water with a million dollar business doing exactly what you love.  You will end with a number of possibilities to take into the final, decision-making module.

STEP 3: 

This course is elegantly designed to deliver a clear, purpose-driven business idea that is perfectly tailored to you.  Even if you struggle with making decisions, confusion or analysis paralysis, this module, with it's failsafe method, ensures you will emerge with a concrete business idea based on your purpose.

PLUS, you get access to videos, audios,  worksheets Law of Attraction exercises to help you connect with your Purpose (a super-attracter tool that plugs you into the Law of Attraction super power you naturally possess but may not know how to use) and uncover the best purpose-based business for you.

It's time to feel like yourself again


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